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Toowoomba's Exciting Horse Expo!! 

26th & 27th September 2015

Our 1st horse expo has now been and gone and we want to give a HUGE thank you to all our fantastic presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers who made this event such a successful one. We loved the variety of exhibitors, the quality of every single presentation in both the main arena and our demo yard and of course - we love the people who came and enjoyed the weekend and everyone who supported us.

We are now in the process of planning Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo 2015 so come back and visit as we add information, new easy-to-use tabs and photos.


The Horse Expo that brings you everything equine under the one roof over 2 BIG days!!

26th & 27th September 2015 - Toowoomba Showgrounds

Total Equine Queensland will provide a unique platform for equine businesses to showcase their products and services in Toowoomba.

Horse lovers will be offered an equine shopping experience like no other on the Darling Downs.

As well as shopping galore, education will play a major role by incorporating highly informative presentations and seminars relating to horse health and care. Spectators will have the opportunity to experience Horsemanship and various discipline demonstrations plus be amazed by world class equine entertainers - Double Dan Horsemanship Show featuring Dan Steers performing twice a day,  Champion Australian Dressage rider Tor Van Den Berge presenting a Master Class each day, well known trainer Sandi Simons who's confidence clinics across the country are changing the lives of women and Winner of the 2010 Equitana Way of the Horse Competition - Adam Sutton - as seen on Australian Story.

Dan Steers

Sandi Simons

Tor Van Den Berge

Adam Sutton

What's on offer.. at Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo

  • Equine Shopping Galore
  • Horsemanship & Discipline Demonstrations
  • Horse Education & Health Care
  • Breed display


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