BLACK TRUCK SALES TEQ Trainer’s Challenge 2017

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Donal Hancock

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Fred Watkins

The all new Black Truck Sales TEQ Trainer’s Challenge is a unique opportunity to watch 3 trainers put their horsemanship skills to work and share with the audience their training techniques on an unhandled horse.

With the wellbeing of the horse being crucial to the challenge, the trainers will keep the audience informed throughout the entire process. What they do over the 2 days of the challenge would normally take months to achieve. This Challenge is to provide an opportunity to educate the public and showcase the various horsemanship techniques of trainers to start a colt and succeed at achieving a willing connection with the young horse.

The Challenge will involve 3 Trainers, 3 Horses, 3 Judges and 1 Round Yard. Keep in mind these horses will have just started their training to become that willing partner and the horses’ best interest is paramount. Both Total Equine Queensland and the trainers involved in this Challenge stress the training of any horse is not done over 2 days and would take months of good training to provide a good solid foundation.

The judging at this Challenge is based 10% on the horse’s response, 60% on the trainer’s ability to train the horse and 30% on the trainer’s ability to educate the spectators. The trainer who trains their horse to do the most or does a better presentation at the finals won’t necessarily win. The winner of the Challenge will be the trainer who can achieve the highest success with both the horse and the audience.


We have chosen our 3 trainers for the Black Truck Sales TEQ Trainer’s Challenge 2017.

We’d like to introduce to everybody:

Daniel Robinson:

Daniel Robinson heads a breaking in business in Sydney’s west known as DPR Breaking with his fiancee Alexandra and their small team. Daniel was born in Sha Tin, Hong Kong during his father’s winning streak as Champion Jockey there but grew up in the famous racing town of Newmarket, England. From a very early age Daniel’s life was submerged in horses and the racing industry. When old enough, Daniel also pursued a career as a jockey but it quickly became too difficult to meet weight requirements. Unfortunately he did not have his father’s build. And so he continued to work with horses and soon became interested in educating the young ones and developing his skills as a horseman, He traveled around parts of Europe before heading to Australia to observe and partake in the different methods used for training horses here. Finding it very different to some of the traditional English methods, Daniel was keen to learn more and traveled to Murgon QLD to learn from one of Australia’s finest horsemen, Ian Francis. With the help of a great mentor and his naturally calm approach, Daniel continued to refine and shape his method for stating horses and soon began training horses in Sydney. Now, Daniel breaks in for all disciplines, particularly racing and is known for his ability to turn even the most difficult horses into willing, relaxed partners. When Daniel isn’t educating horses for clients, he spends time training his Stockhorses Otis & Hazel (The Way of The Horse winner Roseridge Monroe) and hopes to free up some time to take them out to compete in the future.



Donal Hancock:

Donal grew up on a 30,000 acre cattle station near a town called Injune in Queensland. Horses were an essential way to gather cattle and that’s where Donal’s interest in horses began. Much later he found himself riding bulls on the coastline of QLD which then led to a job in the “Australian Outback Spectacular” show located on the Gold Coast. Shortly after spending some time performing in this show he was taken on by “Double Dan Horsemanship” where he has been training and travelling throughout the United States and Canada furthering his horse skills. Recently, Donal has established “Hancock Horsemanship” and is training horses and sharing what he has learnt.

Fred Watkins:

Fred Watkins owns and runs Watkins Horse Handlers with his wife Rachel and has recently moved from Western Australia back to his home state of Queensland. Fred was born in Springsure, Queensland and grew up on a large cattle property. School holidays were spent mustering which involved working up young horses for the mustering team. Fred loved helping his father with this work and developed an interest for starting and educating young horses at a very early age. In 1999, Fred moved to Western Australia to work with his uncle, Bruce Watkins, a champion rodeo rider, well regarded breaker and racehorse trainer. This gave Fred an opportunity to expand his skills and learn about working in other horse industries. While working for Bruce, Fred met his wife Rachel. Fred and Rachel moved to the beautiful Margaret River region in 2000 and started their business, Watkins Horse Handlers. The business was an immediate success and quickly built up a large and loyal clientele. While in Margaret River Fred became involved with the charity, The Outback Heritage Horse Association of WA (since closed) and began working with rescued wild horses. Fred’s admiration for Australia;s brumbies began here and he credits much of his horsemanship skills to the many wild horses he has since helped rescue, rehabilitate and train. In 2007, Fred and Rachel moved to Perth. Fred very quickly established himself as WA’s most in demand horse trainer and also developed a reputation for being able to rehabilitate horses labelled as difficult or dangerous. In 2016, Fred and Rachel moved back to QLD and have now settled in Boonah in the South East. Having left behind over 5,000 clients, Fred regularly travels back to WA and other parts of Australia for his clinics, and starts and trains horses at home in between his busy clinic schedule. Fred’s job satisfaction comes from helping people achieve their goals with their horses. He loves being able to help and support every sort of horse rider and owner, irrespective of the discipline and has earned a reputation as a kind and down to earth trainer, teacher and clinician. Visit for more information.